Allergic Rhinitis

If you have allergies, your body is overreacting to substances occurring naturally in the environment such as tree, weed and grass pollens, molds, dust mites or animal dander. The allergic reaction commonly involves you nose (allergic rhinitis), eyes (allergic conjunctivitis), and/or lungs … [Read more...]

Animal Dander

Pets can sometimes cause allergy problems. People can become allergic to parts of the animal’s skin, saliva and waste products. Your doctor can do tests to see if you are allergic to your pet. Here are some ways to control animal allergens: Remove the animal from the house if possible. … [Read more...]

Avoiding Cockroaches

Some people are allergic to cockroaches. They are attracted to food and moisture – including crumbs, cooking grease and plant water. It’s important to remove or tightly cover all food and water, especially at night when they are more active. To get rid of cockroaches you should: Keep the … [Read more...]

Controlling Dust Mites

House dust is a mixture of many things. There are two kinds of dust, organic dust and inorganic dust that make up house dust. Organic components contain dust mites, insect debris, animal dander, bacteria, mold and fungus spores, food particles and human skin flakes. Inorganic components contain … [Read more...]

Indoor Mold

Molds, also referred to as mildew, can be found in most environments. They release spores into the air and are among the widest living organisms. Molds grow best in dark, moist areas where there is little circulation. To control indoor mold: Fix all water leaks and damp areas associated … [Read more...]

Pollen and Outdoor Mold

Pollens and outdoor molds come and go depending on the weather and time of year. Since they are seasonal, it is important to be aware of the allergies you have and the season in which they appear. Pollen On windy days the pollen count increases and can carry pollens great distances. When it … [Read more...]

Get Relief from Allergies

The three principle methods for treating allergies are: Avoidance - Elimination is the best form of treatment and may be the only one required. Unfortunately, many allergens such as house dust, pollens and mold spores are difficult to completely eliminate. Medications - Using various … [Read more...]